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Got a large collection of CDs? Want the songs in MP3, WAV or FLAC so you can listen on your smartphone or iPod? We used to feed CDs one by one to transfer and rip an entire music CD collection, the manual process is inefficient and cumbersome. Well, Nimbie Disc Autoloader is going to free you from that.

Acronova Nimbie USB CD/DVD Autoloader

Hands-Free Music CD Ripping

Nimbie USB Plus is an auto disc loading device that is capable of converting music CDs to digital formats automatically. You simply hook the Nimbie to your computer, load up to 100 CDS, songs can be automatically ripped and saved on your PC via software programs. No more sitting in front of the computer and manually swapping CDs, It only takes a few mouse clicks with your finger.

Compatible Software Solutions

What Nimbie users have to say:

  • “Just what I needed to re-rip 700 CDs to lossless format. Couldn't be happier.” - Gordon
  • “Get one, you won't be disappointed!” - James
  • “No more swapping disk for me!” - Kevin
  • “Just superb! I love it! Now I can catalog my 800+ Audio CDs.” - Ronny

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Nimbie USB Plus NB21-DVD (for CDs and DVDs)

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* Blu-ray/CD/DVD model, NB21-BR, also available for video Blu-ray/DVD importing.

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