Automated CD Ripping

There are many benefits of converting your CD collection into digital formats:

  • With audio files, your music can be easily stored and played on smart phones or portable players such as iPod or iPad.
  • Many software programs can create a database of all the songs, which allows you to relocate and manage songs quickly and conveniently.
  • Once the songs have been digitalized, physical discs can be put away to avoid damages like scratches.

Hands-Free CD Ripping

Nimbie USB

In the past, people have to manually feed discs one by one to transfer and rip an entire music CD collection, such process is inefficient and cumbersome. Now with Nimbie USB, the whole ripping process can be automated.

Nimbie USB is an auto disc loading device not only handles duplication but can also be used to read data from discs to a PC. Users can use Nimbie USB to convert and rip music CDs automatically via software programs like Windows Media Player or iTunes. Audio CD ripping has never been easier.

Lossless Formats for Maximum Quality

For audiophiles who are serious about quality, it is essential for digital music files to be converted in lossless format. Nimbie supports several software programs that allow ripping CDs into varies formats such as Get Digital Data's Encoder Center and dBpowerAMP Music Converter on Windows.

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