What is Disc Autoloader?

Help you understand how disc Autoloader operate and the difference

Disc autoloaders are robotic loaders which can continuously load and unload CD, DVD or Blu-ray without any human interference. An optical discs like CD, DVD or Blu-ray can be automatically inserted into an optical drive to have data read off or burned onto the discs, then be unloaded automatically for the next disc.

Acronova Nimbie Disc Autoloaders come with 100 maximum disc capacity. Opened loader design allows disc refills at any time without interrupting the on-going job. Bad copies or unreadable discs can be automatically removed and separated without interrupting the operation.

Disc autoloading operation

There are two types of disc autoloaders:

Standalone Auto Duplicator

Standalone autoloaders are designed specifically for disc duplication, no host PC is required. To duplicate, simply load the master discs and blank discs, then press a button. Acronova Nimbie Standalone features an unique Interleave Copy function allows multiple master discs to be processed in one batch.

By inserting blank discs on top of a master disc, desired amount of copies can be made from different source discs in a single batch run.

PC Connected Autoloader

PC connected autoloaders are connected to host PCs via USB connection. Depends on the operating software, PC connected autoloader can be used for various applications. Beside burning copies or duplication, the autoloaders can also be used to read data off the discs. Applications such as ripping Blu-ray/DVD to ISO, converting music CDs to digital audio formats or data backup can also take advantage of the disc autoloaders. Backing up data from hard drives to durable M-discs medias is also easy and last a life time.

Type PC Connected Autoloader Standalone Auto Duplicator
Interface Software interface, connected to a host PC via USB 2.0/3.0 Standalone operation, LED and single function button panel design
  • Burn Disc from files
  • Disc to HDD
  • CD Ripping
  • Make Disc Image File
  • Disc labeling *
  • Duplication
  • Re-Writable Disc Erase
  • Verification
  • Duplication
  • Re-Writable Disc Erase
  • Verification**
Model Nimbie USB Plus Autoloader
Sidekick Auto Publisher
Nimbie Standalone Auto Duplicator
Chorus Auto Duplication System
  • * Only available on: Sidekick Auto Printer or Sidekick Auto Publisher
  • ** Only available on Chorus Auto Duplication System

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