Create Complete Disc Backup with Image File Formats Easily with Disc Autoloader

Converting your discs to image files easily with disc autoloaders to maintain the full contents of the discs in the original disc formats

Traditionally loading the physical discs into disc drive to retreat data poses risks of damaging the discs, and it's lots of trouble to load and unload large amount of discs. Therefore, having discs converted to image files not only allows easy access to the data but also protects your data from accidental disc damages.

Discs converting to files concept

The benefits of converting discs to image files include:

  • ISO or MDF/MDS image file formats can back up hidden and protected files on discs.
  • Some game or multimedia discs can only be played correctly through image file formats.
  • Disc copies can be easily produced from the one-file-per-disc Image file format.

While converting large amount of discs to image files may be time consuming and labor intensive, there are disc autoloaders, like Nimbie USB Plus Autoloader, which can nearly eliminate the hassle of loading discs manually and greatly simplify the conversion process. By running the bundled QQBoxx Pro 3 software with the Nimbie USB Plus autoloader, data and video discs can be automatically determined and backed up as ISO and MDF/MDS files, which are the formats supported by most of virtual drives. Additionally, the image files can be named automatically according to the disc title.

Nimbie Autoloader Processing Concept

Nimbie USB Plus Autoloader with disc capacity up to 100 can sort out unreadable discs. Free and simple software tools, such as QQBoxx Pro 3 and ImgBurn, are also available to operate with the robotic loader to produce disc copies from image files, no additional purchase is required.

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