Automated disc loaders for different applications including duplication, ripping, printing, labeling, LightScribe labeling and more.

Create Complete Disc Backup with Image File Formats Easily with Disc Autoloader

Converting your discs to image files easily with disc autoloaders to maintain the full contents of the discs in the original disc formats

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Migrate Data from Old Discs to Archival Blu-rays for Longer Lasting Data Storage

Transfer your precious photos, home videos or data files from old CDs and DVDs to archival Blu-ray recordable efficiently and effortlessly with disc autoloader.

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Back up and Restore Data with Disc Autoloader

Compatible with Nimbie USB Plus disc autoloaders, Disc Archiver offers an automated and professional solution for data backup and archival.

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What is Disc Autoloader?

Help you understand how disc Autoloader operate and the difference

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Batch Copy/Rip Data from CD/DVD to PC

Acronova Blu-ray/CD/DVD autoloader, Nimbie USB Plus, can be utilized to transfer data from multiple discs to hard drives on to PCs automatically, without discs being loaded manually.

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Rip your CD collection with Autoloader

What do you do with your sizable music CD collection? The auto disc loader, Nimbie USB, is the solution you have been looking for.

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Importing Video Library Automatically for Media Server

By connecting Nimbie to a PC, the autoloader is capable of supplying discs continuously and automatically for copying, burning, ripping, backup and more.

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Automated CD Ripping

Disc loading devices to automatically convert / rip CD into digital formats such as MP3, WAV on PC. Lossless audio formats are also supported with professional software.

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