Back up and Restore Data with Disc Autoloader

Compatible with Nimbie USB Plus disc autoloaders, Disc Archiver offers an automated and professional solution for data backup and archival.

Out of hard drive space again? How many files can't be deleted and are saved for years? Are you aware the risks of losing those precious memories or important data due to hard drives short life span? Well, it's time to back them up!

Disc Archiver Professional Backup Software Utility

Disc Archiver supports Nimbie USB Plus and features:

  • Calculate required amount of backup discs automatically
  • Split and fit large files onto multiple discs with smaller capacity
  • Generate Index files to allow data to be restored back to original path and structure
  • Generate file lists for easy browsing

The latest version of Disc Archive is free for download at Acronova Download Center.

Automate data to disc backup and restore with Nimbie USB Plus Autoloader and Disc Archiver

Archival Optical Discs

High quality archival discs last longer than standard optical discs. Millenniata introduced M-Disc in 2001, which has been proven to last up to up to 1,000 years. M-Disc Blu-ray with higher capacity is now also available, which is supported by Nimbie USB Plus Disc Autoloader NB21-MBR model.

Comparison of lifespan of backup storage medias

Make a Habit of Doing Regular Backups

You can prevent most data loss with good backup habits. Disc Archiver let you easily back up data from PCs or Cloud, allow data to be organized and categorized, also free up disk space.

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