Batch Copy/Rip Data from CD/DVD to PC

Save Time and Labor with Batch Data Ripping

Optical discs allow data being stored in non-rewritable fashion and with decent life span at low costs, but retrieving the data from discs can be labor intense and time consuming. Now with Acronova disc autoloaders and QQboxx Pro 3 software, the ‘Disc to HDD’ function can easily copy data from multiple discs to PC automatically, allowing the ripping process to be done efficiently and effortlessly, making it ideal for any organization, business, government agency or individual.

QQboxx Pro 3 ‘Disc to HDD’ features:

  • Multiple Directory Assignment

    Multiple directories can be set up in different drives. When a drive is full, data can be automatically copied and saved to the next assigned location. The process would not be interrupted due to lack of space on a single drive.

  • Advanced Disc Reject System

    In certain cases of unreadable discs, Acronova disc autoloaders can reject and separate the disc from the batch. The ripping process would continue without being hung up by one faulty disc.

  • Auto Folder Generator

    Files and folders are copied from discs and saved in single folder for each disc. Folder names would be generated automatically based on disc titles.

  • Other Applications

    Beside importing data, Acronova disc autoloaders can also be used for applications such as burning, music CD ripping, DVD video importing and more.

Software Development Kit (SDK) Available

With Software Development Kit (SDK), software developers can utilize Nimbie USB Plus for applications require automatic disc burning and labeling.


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