Limited Hardware Warranty

Products purchased within ONE year period are eligible for warranty repair except products purchased used or second-hand. To determine warranty period of your unit, please refer to your invoice, receipt, or other sales documentation.

Limited Warranty Coverage

Warranty repair includes parts, labor and one way ground shipping in the contiguous United States.

The limited warranty does not cover:

Procedure to Request a RMA Repair

  1. Before contacting Acronova, please refer to Acronova's website knowledge base for trouble shooting advice or the FAQ section in user's manual.
  2. Fill out the RMA Request Form.
  3. Upon contacting Acronova technical support, you may be required to engage in a remote diagnosis session with the tech support to identify the cause of your issue. If the issue is not able to be resolved remotely, you may need to send your product back to Acronova support department.
  4. Please ship the unit with the original packaging; otherwise, make sure the machine is well-packed to avoid shipping damage. Acronova Technology is NOT responsible for any damage caused by shipping or faulty packaging.
    Please note: if your product is received packed in anything other than its original packaging, we may charge you for appropriate anti-shock packaging when your product is returned.
  5. Please include sample discs if the problem is burning related, include few blank discs if the problem is mechanics related. Sample discs are for testing purpose only, and the discs will be returned with the repaired unit.
  6. Shipments without a RMA number will not be accepted.

Out of Warranty Repairs

For units with expired warranty, the estimated cost of repair will be provided after we received and examined the unit. A $50 inspection charge will be applied if you decide not to have the unit repaired.

Extended Warranty Policy

For extended warranty coverage, you are required to keep both (i.) the proof of purchased product and (ii.) the proof of purchased Extended Protection Plan for reference when future services are required.

Only one (1) Extended Protection Plan can be applied to one (1) product. Purchased Extended Protection Plan CAN NOT be REFUNDED, CREDITED or EXCHANGED.

Consumable parts such as DVD/BD RW drive and printer disc caddy are not covered in Extended Protection Plan.

Oversea Warranty

The limited warranty is for contiguous United States only. For products that need RTB (Return To Base) service, Acronova Technology will NOT cover oversea freights. You are responsible for oversea shipping both ways if the warranty service is required.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience. If there are any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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