How to use Disc to HDD in QQBoxx Pro 3?

Back up data from discs automatically to selected hard drives.


Disc to HDD is capable of copying data from multiple discs to selected hard drives. Additional settings are available:

  • Specify back up location
    Multiple locations on hard drive can be set to prevent running out of space.

  • Specified folder for each disc
    A folder would be created for each disc for easy searching and access.

Copy Disc Operation

  1. Load discs, start QQBoxx Pro 3 and select Disc to HDD under Bonus tab.

    Choose Job in QQboxx Pro
  2. Select an available auto loader and specify the location for storing the data on HDD by clicking Add.

    Setting saving path in QQboxx Pro
  3. Preview settings and click Process to begin the burning process.

    Job setting in QQboxx Pro
  4. Processing status would be displayed accordingly on screen.

    Start job in QQboxx Pro
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