Back up DVD/Blu-ray Video for Home Theatre Software

Nimbie autoloader can convert your collection of DVDs and Blu-ray movies 1 to .ISO image files, allowing the movie titles to be categorized and played by home theatre software like Kodi. An .ISO image file as an exact copy of a disc includes all bonus/extra content and original menu in its original video and audio quality. With video conversion software, ISO files of DVD and Blu-ray video can also be used to convert to compressed video file formats such as MKV or MP4.

Nimbie USB Plus Blu-ray/CD/DVD Autoloader
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On PC, software below can be used with Nimbie to convert your movie collection:

On Mac, software below is available:

QQBoxx Pro 3: Use the Disc to Image function

  1. Load discs, start QQBoxx Pro 3 and wait for the robotic initiation to finish. Then, select Disc to Image under Tools tab.

  2. Select an available autoloader and specify the location for storing the .ISO files by clicking Add. Click Next to continue.

  3. Specify an amount of discs or process all discs in the loader. Click Process to begin.

  4. All discs will be processed one by one until the loader is empty or specified numbers of discs have reached.

ImgBurn: Use the Create image file from disc function

Follow online instruction to set up Nimbie to work with ImgBurn
  1. Start ImgBurn and wait until the autoloader finished its robotic initiation.

  2. Select the Create image file from disc

  3. Check Batch Mode.

  4. Click on the icon to begin disc loading.

  5. Once the first disc is loaded, ImgBurn would ask user to set the destination folder for storing ISOs. (The prompt would only appear for the first disc.)

  6. All discs will be processed one by one until the loader is empty.


Refer to offical website for details at:


Before you start,

  1. Install RipIt.
  2. Make sure QQGetTray software and drivers for the disc autoloader are installed and functioning correctly.
  3. Turn on and connect the disc autoloader to your Mac.

and follow the steps below:

  1. Launch RipIt.

  2. Set RipIt to When a disc is inserted: Start Ripping and When a rip completes: Eject the disc under Preferences > General.
    RipIt Screenshot #1

  3. Load DVD-Video discs into the disc autoloader.

  4. Launch QQGetTray and click START & LOAD.
    RipIt Screenshot #2

  5. Each disc will be loaded into for RipIt to process, then ejected to the output bin. The process will continue until the loader is empty.

  6. To stop the auto-loading process, click either STOP or STOP & UNLOAD in QQGetTray window.

  7. Follow the steps 3 to 5 to repeat the process.


  1. Commercial movie DVDs and Blu-rays have copy protections, software like AnyDVD would be required to make backups. Please note that depending on your local laws, making backup copies of commercial DVDs and Blu-rays may not be allowed. (AnyDVD has been renamed to RedFox.)
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