How to use Data to Image in QQBoxx Pro 3?

Disc images can be created and stored on hard drives, then be used as sources to make copies.

Data to Image Operation

  1. Double click on the Data to Image under Tools tab, then select an available auto loader.

    Choose Data to Image in QQboxx Pro.
  2. Set Disc Format and Title.

    Set Disc Format and Title in Job Setting windows.
  3. Drag and drop selected files from the top window to the bottom. Right click at the bottom window to open menus for editing files. Click on Next to advance.

    Select and drag the desired files from the top window to the bottom.
  4. Name the image file then click Save.

    Name the image file and save.
  5. Click on Process to begin creating the disc image with the selected files.

    Start to create image.
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