How to make copies from multiple disc images on Nimbie Chorus System?

Nimbie Chorus System's Multi-Copy function can make copies from multiple stored disc images. Numbers of copies and burning speed can be set for each disc image.

Multi-Copy Operation

  1. Select Multi-Copy, then press ENTER.

    Select Multi-Copy
  2. Select the desired disc image as the source.
    (Refer to How to Create and Store Disc Images to HDD on Nimbie Chorus for creating disc images.)

  3. Select individual client unit, or all units.
    Use ↑ and ↓ buttons to browse through the client units, press Enter to select. (Multiple client units can be selected.)

    Select individual client unit.

    Scroll to OK and press Enter to advance to the next step.

    Select OK when finished.
  4. To set up additional jobs with different disc images, use ↑ and ↓ buttons to select CONTINUE, press Enter then repeat the steps 1~3.

    Select Continue to set up additional jobs.

    Once all jobs are set, select YES and press ENTER to begin.

    Select YES to begin.
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