How to use Interleave Copy in QQBoxx Pro 3?

Interleave Copy simplifies the process of duplicating multiple master discs. Just sort and load all master and blank discs into the loader. Master discs would be recognized automatically and the following blank discs would be copied accordingly. Bad copies would be ejected to avoid interrupting the whole process. And bad copies are always separated from the good ones without mix-up.

Principle behind Interleave Copy

Sorting discs into sets, each set contains a master and blank discs. Place the master disc first then follow by blank discs with desired number of copies. Stack and load all sets of discs into the loader. When a master disc is read, the data would temporary be stored to hard drive, and then be used to burn copies with following blank discs. The process would be repeated continuously until all discs are run out.

Interleave Copy flowchart


  1. Load discs as the pictures showed below and start QQBoxx Pro 3.

    Place Disc Step.1

    Place the master disc then follow by blank discs with desired number of copies. (Example: Master disc A followed by 3 blank discs for 3 copies)

    Place Disc Step.2

    Place additional sets of master discs and blank discs. (Example: 3 copies from master disc A, and 5 from B.)

  2. Select Interleave Copy under Bonus tab and an available loader.

    Choose Job in QQboxx Pro
  3. Set burning speed and click Process to begin.

    Start copy in QQboxx Pro
  1. Please refer to How to Perform Interleave Copy on Standalone Devices for standalone models.
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