How to use Burn Audio in QQBoxx Pro 3?

Edit tracks and create audio CDs from MP3, WAV and WMA files. Produce CDs in standard CD-DA format to be played on CD players.

Burn Audio Operation

  1. Select the Burn Audio under Jobs tab, then select an available auto loader.

    Choose Job in QQboxx Pro
  2. Simply drag and drop selected MP3, WAV or WMA files from top of the window to bottom pane, edit album title and artist name, then click Next.

    Select files in QQboxx Pro
  3. Set burning speed and number of copies. Click Print to set up label printing. [1]

    Job Setting in QQboxx Pro
  4. Preview settings and click Process to begin the burning process. (Click Save Job to save the current job for easy access in the future.)

    Start Burning Disc in QQboxx Pro
  1. The function is only available on models which are capable of burning and printing in one process. For example: Nimbie Sidekick NK50Y System and Xymba USB DiscFlip (XB47/57).
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