Purchase of Auto Printing/Publishing Systems Comes with Free Inkjet Printable DVDs

03 Oct, 2014

North Brunswick, New Jersey, October 3rd, 2014 -- Acronova Technology, Inc., the leading manufacturer of Blu-ray/CD/DVD autoloaders, introduce a special promotion on their Nimbie Sidekick disc auto printing and publishing systems. Starting from August 26th, every purchase of Nimbie Sidekick NK50V or NK50Y on Acronova web store will come with a free pack of 10 premium inkjet printable white DVD-R blank discs.

Nimbie Sidekick are disc auto loading systems with capacity of 100. Simply attach a Nimbie Sidekick to a compatible Epson printer, users can walk away while full color labels being printed directly onto discs automatically, additionally having discs burnt and printed in one seamless process with an auto writer attached. Comparing to traditional automated disc printing solutions which require expensive proprietary ink cartridges, ink cost on the 6 color inkjet printer like Epson L800 can be as low as $0.04 per disc, making Nimbie Sidekick series one of the most affordable and cost effective auto printing and publishing solutions available.

Featuring innovative water resistant coating, VividShine DVD-R not only can withstand high humidity environments, its tough durability can keep colors bright and images sharp even when dipped in water. VividShine’s enhanced dye allows increased compatibility and recording stability with a wide selection of writers. Offering maximum durability as an archival media for important data or precious videos and photos. With the better saturation and glossiness compared to regular printable DVD-Rs, the premium quality of VividShine makes the perfect choice for both professional or personal usage.

"Nimbie Sidekick is already one of the most affordable and cost effective disc printing solutions on the market." Ann Egan, Marketing Director at Acronova Technology., said. "For any individuals or businesses who are looking for auto disc printing solutions, don’t miss this offer to receive high quality inkjet printable blank discs for free!" She added.

VividShine DVD-R 50 disc pack at $54.99 and Nimbie Sidekick NK50V auto disc printing systems, starting at $695, are both available at store.acronova.com. For more details, visit www.acronova.com.

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