Disc Archiver Software Released to Simplify Data Backup to Optical Discs

20 Mar, 2015

March 25th, 2015 - Hazlet, New Jersey - Broadex Systems, Inc., the leading software developer, and Acronova Technology, Inc., the manufacturer of Blu-ray/CD/DVD autoloaders have announced Disc Archiver software for backing up data from local hard drives to optical discs including Blu-ray, DVD or M-Disc. Disc Archiver is compatible with Acronova's disc autoloaders to eliminate manual disc loading. Additionally, the software can also be used with any internal and external optical burners.

Disc Archiver features user friendly interface, simply select the files you wish to backup, Disc Archiver will automatically calculate the total discs required, prepare the files and process the burning. Large files can also be split to fit on multiple discs. When operating with Acronova disc autoloader, Nimbie USB Plus, the robotic loader with 100 disc capacity can automatically feed discs, as well as separating bad copies from the good ones, allowing the archiving process to be done efficiently and unattended.

"Optical discs are great for cold backup. Non-rewritable discs prevent modification and offer decent life span at low costs. Now with Nimbie disc autoloader, we can eliminate the trouble of manually feeding discs which was labor and time consuming," said James Tsai, Chief Technology Engineer of Broadex Systems, Inc. "Disc Archiver's simplified user interface and Nimbie's robotic loader make one of the most cost-effective archive solutions, suitable for any organization, business, government agency or individual." He said.

Disc Archiver is now free for download at Download Center. Starting at $559, Nimbie USB Plus disc autoloader is available via Acronova online store at store.acronova.com

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