Broadex systems releases QQGetTray Mac Version 2.1.0 for Nimbie Autoloaders

01 Mar, 2014

March 1st, 2014 - Keasbey, New Jersey - Broadex Systems, Inc., the software developer for Blu-ray/CD/DVD autoloaders, today releases the new version 2.1.0 of QQGetTray software which enables USB 3.0 compatibility for Mac. QQGetTray allows third party software applications to utilize Nimbie USB disc autoloaders, developed by Acronova Technology, Inc., to automatically feed discs without any software modification.

Nimbie USB and USB Plus are software controlled disc autoloaders with 100 disc capacity. By connecting to a computer with compatible software, the disc autoloader can perform tasks such as duplication, burning, ripping or back up. With QQGetTray, it allows software programs without implantation of robotic commands to utilize the robot to load and unload Blu-ray, CD or DVD automatically without human intervention. Programs like Nero can burn discs, XLD can rip CDs without discs being fed manually.

"QQGetTray can work with software that are programmed to start reading or writing when a Blu-ray, CD or DVD is inserted and to eject the drive tray when the task is finished," said James Tsai, Chief Technology Engineer of Broadex Systems, Inc. "By running QQGetTray, more software can be compatible with Nimbie autoloader which wasn’t natively supported. More familiar software to chose from, and less people are tied in front of a desk to change discs by hand."

QQGetTray is compatible with Nimbie USB and Nimbie USB Plus on both PC and Mac.The software is free for download at:

About Broadex Systems, Inc

Broadex Systems is a software development company, specializing in digital media design, duplication, and publishing. Broadex offer automated software solution for a variety of optical disc applications. More information at:

About Acronova Technology, Inc

Acronova Technology is an emerging manufacturing leader providing automated disc loading solutions since 2002. Acronova offer user friendly, affordable and reliable autoloaders for Blu-ray/CD/DVD duplication, printing, ripping and backup. More information at:

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