Acronova Technology Launches Nimbie USB Plus NB21-MBR with M-Disc Compatibility

16 Aug, 2013

Acronova Technology, the leading manufacturer of disc duplicators and publishers, and Millenniata, Inc., the developer of M-DISC technology, introduced the new model of Nimbie USB Plus Auto Disc Publisher, NB21-MBR, that supports M-Disc DVD and Blu-ray medias. With NB21-MBR, data can be automatically written onto multiple M-Disc DVDs and Blu-rays and lasted for centuries.

Optical medias like DVDs and Blu-rays have been widely used to digitally and permanently store contents. However, the average lifespans of standard DVDs and Blu-rays are limited. The M-Disc utilizes an inorganic stone-like material on the write layer that is extremely resistant to heat, light and humidity, allowing data on M-Discs to last up to 1,000 years with the same capacities as DVDs or Blu-rays.

Nimbie USB Plus NB21-MBR is a PC connected disc publisher with 100 disc capacity. With various software programs, Nimbie can automate applications such as duplication, ripping and backup. Equipped with USB 3.0 interface, which allows transfer speed of 5Gbit/s, Nimbie USB Plus is also capable of burning Blu-ray discs two times faster than disc duplicators with USB 2.0 interface. “M-Disc DVD and Blu-ray medias are perfect for backing up valuable and fixed data," Jessie Tsai, CTO of Acronova, said. "In combination of Nimbie USB Plus, large amount of valuable contents such as photos or videos can be easily transferred and stored onto M-Disc easily with few clicks of a mouse." He added.

Visit for more information on M-Disc DVD and Blu-ray medias.

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