Acronova and illustrate Introduce the Integrated Auto CD Ripping Solution

16 May, 2013

Acronova Technology, the leading manufacturer of disc duplicators and publishers, and illustrate, the developer of popular CD conversion software, introduced Nimbie USB disc autoloader with dBpoweramp as the hands-free solution for ripping large amount of music CDs. A quick installation package was released to provide easy installation and configuration of dBpoweramp Batch Ripper and Nimbie USB for Windows operation system.

Nimbie USB with dBpoweramp Batch Ripper allows converting sizable amount of music CD collections to preferred digital formats continuously and unattended. Users do not required to sit in front of a computer and manually feed discs. Furthermore, the dBpoweramp software features “Multi Encoder” which is capable of converting CDs to multiple audio formats such as FLAC, APE and MP3 at once. For users who require multiple audio formats, the combination of Nimbie USB and dBpoweramp is the most time-saving and cost-effective music CD ripping solution.

"Nimbie USB disc autoloader can not only be used for disc duplication and data storage, but also the perfect device for ripping music CD collection." said Ann Egan, the Marketing Director of Acronova Technology. "We have cooperated with Illustrate and developed the quick installation package that will allow users to rip their music CD collections effortlessly with Nimbie, without having to go through complicated installation process and configurations."

The trial version of dBpoweramp is included in Acronova’s quick installation package at:, which offers a free no-obligation, fully functional trial for 21 days. The full version of dBpoweramp is also available for purchase at:

For more information, please visit our website at Integrated Nimbie and dBpoweramp Solution

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