Print 600 discs in less than one hour - MultiNK50V

Multi-Loader Software for Nimbie Sidekick NK50V

With the MultiNK50V 6 Printers Edition Software, up to 6 Nimbie Sidekick NK50V Nimbie Sidekick NK50V caddy loaders can be operated together on one PC. The total disc capacity is also increased to 600 discs when 6 Nimbie Sidekick NK50V are connected.

Seamless Compatibility with Any Disc Labeling Software

MultiNK50V can process label images created by any graphic editing software including Photoshop, Illustrator and more. All customized label designs can be printed with MultiNK50V.

Printing Multiple Designs Simultaneously

MultiNK50V can process different labels simultaneously. Each of 6 Nimbie Sidekicks and printers can be assigned to print discs with different designs.

Expendable, Affordable and Economical

Additional units of Nimbie Sidekicks can be added in the future without the commitment of purchasing one expensive unit. MultiNK50V with 6 units of Nimbie Sidekicks is one of the most economical disc printing solutions in the market.

System Requirement

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