Integrated Nimbie USB Plus and dBpoweramp Solution

Embrace the Beauty of Automation

When it comes to music CD ripping, Nimbie USB Plus is one of the best devices in the market for all professional users. In addition to its labor-saving disc auto loading feature, the newly released software dBpoweramp Batch Ripper not only takes a relatively short length of time to convert music files, the unique "Multi Encoder" function is also capable of converting a music CD to multiple audio formats, such as FLAC/APE/WMA/MP3/MP4 in one session.

  • Hardware Installation

    Connect Nimbie USB Plus to the computer and turn it on.

  • Software Installation

    Install the driver for Nimbie USB Plus and dBpoweramp Auto Installation Software.

  • Operation

    Load CDs into Nimbie USB Plus. Check the drive of Nimbie, then click "Rip" to begin batch ripping.

  • Job Complete

    All files will be saved to the path you set accordingly.

Recommend Models

Nimbie USB Plus CD/DVD Autoloader NB21-DVD


  • DVD Burner Drive
  • Superspeed USB3.0
  • 100 Disc Capacity
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Nimbie USB Plus Blu-ray/CD/DVD Autoloader NB21-BR


  • Blu-ray Burner Drive
  • Superspeed USB3.0
  • 100 Disc Capacity
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About dBpoweramp

dBpoweramp Batch Ripper is a professional software for auto loaders to convert CDs to digital files, large amount of audio and music CDs can be transferred into MP3 files automatically and efficiently.

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dBpoweramp Batch Ripper with Acronova Nimbie Disc Autoloader


  • Provide excellent file conversion rates
  • Multi Encoder allows encoding to two audio formats simultaneously
  • Digitally rip audio CDs without quality loss (FLAC or Apple Lossless)
  • Meta Data Support track names, composers and high resolution album artwork
  • PerfectMeta™ uses 5 meta data providers (AMG, GD3, SontaDB, Musicbrainz & freedb)