High Volume Disc Production

For High Volume Duplication

Nimbie Chorus can produce up to 1,680 copies of discs a day. Up to seven units can be linked together to duplicate 7 discs simultaneously with the maximum disc capacity of 700. Nimbie Chorus also comes with built-in HDD for storing massive data, saved disc image can then be loaded as source to make copies.

Nimbie Chorus System Xymba Standalone Plus

For Mid Volume Duplication

For lower volume jobs of less than thousands, Xymba Standalone Plus fits the bill. By connecting a master model with a client model together, 4 discs can be produced simultaneously. With disc capacity of 80 each, Xymba Standalone Plus is the compact and economical solution for low to mid volume disc duplication.

For High Volume Printing

Nimbie Sidekick NK50V is the most efficient and economical solution for ink jet disc printing. With bundled software MultiNK50V, up to 6 units can be connected to one PC for maximum production rate of 6 discs simultaneously and maximum disc capacity of 600.

Product Comparison

Model Introduction Feature
Nimbie Chorus System Each unit has 100 disc capacity. Up to 7 units can be connected together.

LCD Control Panel for easy operation

A built-in HDD for storage of disc images

Xymba Standalone Plus

Each Xymba Standalone Plus comes with two writers and disc capacity of 80.

A client and a master unit can be connected together to double production rate and disc capacity.

The lockable disc cabinet of Xymba Standalone Plus protects disc away from dusts and unauthorized access.

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