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Why won't my auto-publisher burn LightScribe labels?


- If you auto-publisher does not a have a LightScribe enabled drive, Print Disc Label (LightScribe Labeling) function will be unavailable.

- When installing QQBoxx for the first time, be sure not to choose Cancel at any point, otherwise LightScribe labeling may not work correctly.

- Check to make sure the discs in the auto-publisher are LightScribe enabled media and are placed label-side down. If the discs in the auto-publisher are not LightScribe media or if the LightScribe media is not placed label-side down, the disc will be rejected or may jam inside the drive.

Tags: installation, jammed, LightScribe, Printing, reject discs

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Last update: 2009-11-24 07:32
Author: Acronova Tech Support
Revision: 1.0

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