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Disc caddy gets stuck between NK50V and Epson printer

Follow the steps below to get the disc caddy out of the system:

• Turn off NK50V and Epson printer.

• Through the opening on NK50V, try to move the disc caddy into NK50V. Or, move it into Epson printer.


• Make sure the disc caddy is completely located inside either the NK50V or Epson printer. Then detach NK50V from Epson printer.


• Place NK50V on a flat surface. In case disc caddy is staying within NK50V, turn on NK50V to have it reposition disc caddy during initialization.

• In case disc caddy is staying within Epson printer, turn on the printer and gently pull the caddy out of the printer. Refer to the Replace Disc Caddy section to reinsert it back to NK50V.

• Re-attach NK50V to Epson printer and set the system to ready.


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Last update: 2010-11-02 09:10
Author: Acronova Tech Support
Revision: 1.0

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