Here comes World Backup Day, got your data backed up?

How many more photos or files were added to your computer last year? Here comes the World Backup Day on March 31st, reminds you to back up your precious data and memories, don’t risk them!

Optical Discs for Long Lasting Cold Backup

Among most of backup choices, hard drives gets most capacity per dollar but have short life span, Cloud is convenient but may pose security risks, and cassettes are too expensive for small business or personal use. That leaves us with optical discs, which have long life span and considerably inexpensive.

With the release of high capacity discs (up to 100 GB) like BD-DL and BD-XL and autoloaders, the low capacity and troublesome handling would no longer be issues for optical discs being the ideal choice for cold backup.

Disc Archiver Backup Software

Developed by Broadex Systems, Inc., Disc Archiver professional software is designed to back up data on your PC to optical discs. The software can automatically organize the data you wish to back up and calculate required amount of discs. Files can also be easily restored and categorized for keyword searching. For large files exceed disc capacity, Disc Archiver can also split the files to fit onto multiple discs.

Save Time and Labor with Disc Autoloaders

Disc Archiver is compatible with Acronova Nimbie USB Plus series of Disc Autoloaders, simply load up to 100 blank discs into the loader, backup copies can be burn automatically. Vice versa, backup disc copies can also be loaded into the autoloader to restore data back on to hard drives. Disc Archiver and Nimbie disc autoloader together offer a true hands free disc backup solution.

Automate data to disc backup and restore with Nimbie USB Plus Autoloader and Disc Archiver

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