The Advantages of Optical Disc Archiving

Race against Time: Data Archiving

Nowadays, paper hard copies have been replaced by digital devices for corporations to archive important documents. How to properly back up and store data digitally has become an important task. While many would simply store the data in an internal server with RAID or on Cloud, for long-term data storage, hot backups as such pose risks.

“Hot” backup basically means the data copy can be accessed at any time, such as hard drives and flash memory. However, hard drives with electronic components have limited life span, and the stored data can also be easily modified. From the security and life span standpoint, those devices are not ideal for data archiving.

Optical Discs are the Choice of Media for Backup

Unlike hot backup, “cold” backup methods such as optical discs and cassette tapes allow data to be stored off line. Once a file is written on a non-rewritable disc, it remains to be read-only, which is ideal for historical data archiving.

In 2005, Japan passed the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS Z 6017), which require corporations to store digital data up to 10 years. The regulations recommend optical medias as the choice of storage medias. With the release of new format such as BD-XL offering capacity up to 100GB, optical medias is becoming a reliable and low cost backup medium, especially for small business.


Optical Disc Cassette Tape
Capacity 700MB ~ 100GB 400GB ~ 1TB
Security Stored data can’t be modified Stored data can be modified
Storage Avoid direct sunlight and scratches Avoid humid environment, special storage facilities are recommended
Cost Low upfront cost, suitable for private studio or small business High upfront cost, more affordable to large and mid-size corporations


Archival Optical Media

Optical discs and writers have been improving in recent years especially on lifespan and capacity. In 2012, Pioneer introduced BDR-PR1M series of Blu-ray drives, which not only support the large capacity BD-XL, but also designed with additional error correction layers to minimize writing errors and improve disc quality. Mitsubishi offers Blu-ray discs with capacity of 50GB, Panasonic also developed the 50/100GB Archival Blu-rays. Both can last up to 10 years. Last but not least, Millenniata introduced M-Disc DVDs and Blu-ray, which can last up to 1000 years!

Backup Storage Media Lifespan Infographic


Efficient and Effortless Disc Archiving Solution

Developed by Broadex Systems, Inc., Disc Archiver software utility is specifically designed for disc archiving applications. Simply select all the files that you wish to back up, Disc Archiver can automatically calculate required disc amount and span data to multiple discs. Users only need to feed blank discs according to on screen prompts. The Index Mode also allows folders and files to be restored back to their original path and structure.

For large files, Disc Archiver can split files and burn them onto multiple discs, efficiently use the available space on each disc. Files as big as 10 GB can be easily burn onto DVD-RWs and restored back to your computer in the future.

Best of all, Disc Archiver is compatible with Acronova Nimbie Disc Autoloader, allows hands free operation during backup and restore. Save your precious time and labor from loading discs manually.

Automate data to disc backup and restore with Nimbie USB Plus Autoloader and Disc Archiver

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